Our professionally trained Design Consultants will prepare the design and quotation to your requirements using up to date design technology.

Our kitchens are made from the very best materials.

A consultation fee of $35 covers consultations and site visits required to finalise your quotation for your dream kitchen.

This fee will be credited once you decide to accept our quotation and pay your deposit.  The fee is for the quotation only and does not include the plans or designs.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.


The emphasis is about minimalism and lack of clutter. Clean simple lines devoid of unnecessary decoration means that the colour of the materials is crucial, because it is they that create the colour, texture and form rather than peripheral objects such as accessories, pictures of fabric.

Central to modern design is also the careful choice of appliances as they in themselves can make dramatic statements.


It is easy to clean and maintain.  It can quickly be adapted to become part of a family breakfast room to a place to entertain friends.

As it has modern elements and classic detailing as a reference to previous periods but express a simpler form.


The principals of its design are handed down from generation to generation.  Based on practical experience accumulated through the years.

The basis of this style is essentially historic.  It looks back to homes where the kitchen was not only the place where food was prepared but also the main room where the family would congregate, chat and relaxed